Available jobs

PRASE is constantly looking for new partners and new jobs for its staff, do not hesitate to send us your offers and/or your profiles.
Also send your resume/CV to contact@prase.fr to increase your chance with your searching, we will post it online and pass it on to our customrs.

Offers updated the 13th November 2019

Safety Manager & Supervisor in Russia

Searching a safety manager on a construction site (oilfield)

  • Mission: Incharge of communication with the client and the subcontractor, application procedures, security management teams, management and monitoring of safety management system/environment.
  • Duration: 6 to 18 months
  • Profile: Organized, teamwork, good communication skills
  • A 5 year experience in a similar position is required (oil & gas)
  • Languages: Good English required(reading, writing, speaking)
  • Salary: depending on experience (good)
  • Availability: ASAP

Send your CV, your diploma and your motivation letter to contact@prase.fr in English .

Electrical supervisor

2 Electrical Supervisors for a position in Mexico (oil production)

  • Mission: Supervising of various tasks of a construction site and compliance withsafety and environmental practices. Supervise electrical team.
  • Duration : 1 month (2 rotations)
  • Profile: to enjoy team work, working outside and good communication skills
  • A 2 year experience in a similar position
  • Language: Spanish required (reading, writing, speaking), a second language isappreciated (English or French)
  • Salary depending on experience
  • Availability: ASAP

Send your CV and your motivation to contact@prase.fr in English or French.

Executive Assistant - Bulgaria

Searching a personal assistant for monitoring and administrative management of the subsidiary in Bulgaria.

  • Post in Sofia
  • Profile: autonomous, organized, confidentiality, concept of administrative management (accounting, contract), effective oral communication (contact with customers)
  • Experience in a similar position
  • Duration of contract : undetermined
  • Language: Bulgarian required (reading, writing, speaking), a second language is mandatory (English or French)
  • Salary depending on experience
  • Availability: Position Available Now

Send your resume/CV and motivation letter to contact@prase.fr in English or French.