PRASE Company

The quartz prase is a macro crystalline variety of green quartz.

Created in early 2011, the company PRASE is a limited liability company with a capital of 10 000 euros.

PRASE draws its origins from the professional network and experience built up over a number of years by its managing-director, François-Xavier Le Hecho. A qualified Prevention, Safety and Environment Engineer , he began his career with the fire brigade which gave him the vocation of protecting others and their environment. It's an enduring passion that led him to a senior management position. After a few years technical experience in an office-laboratory, he quickly advanced to the management of construction sites around the world, showing his ability to adapt to specific problems and different environments.

At PRASE, we will consider safety and the environment not as a constraint or a regulatory requirement but as a VALUE. That is why we decided to create this company in order to provide you with people that are passionate about their job.

The people we hire must possess an expertise and ethos in line with our company beliefs and policy.

Our ambition is to become partner of choice in the management of projects in France and abroad, offering solutions tailored to your needs.
The satisfaction of our customers is a cornerstone of our growth strategy,and we will not sell you just one overview or piece of documentation but PRASE will be with you to complete your projects in a relationship of complete trust.