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Happy Birthday PRASE

Happy Birthday PRASE


An anniversary is always the opportunity to give feedback and to talk about next steps for the year to come.


This first year has been most rewarding with the first daily creation and development of employees to give the company solid foundation in financial, legal and sales matters.
Seeking clients was also essential for the company. One of our favorite partners enabled PRASE to launch its business and grow internationally. The success of our employees in their respective missions has enabled customer loyalty, to open up new markets and to show the quality and seriousness of work in the missions performed by PRASE. Thank you to all our colleagues for their work, PRASE trusted them, they were able to invest back thoroughly.
The setting up of the website was also important because it is an essential tool in sales aspects, including searching new contracts and new profiles. This was developed over several months with the help of our partner Creation Oueb.

The establishment of a treasury and a sound financial base has also been a successful mission this year. It will enable PRASE to develop, invest in a structured and thoughtful way and without any pressure in its second year, and help continue satisfying its customers.


The company is well developed and can now start its second year full of hope and trust and welcome the arrival of new tasks with the same passion as last year.
Monitoring of the website will be a regular task to give our current and future customers the daily news of the company: new profiles, missions, future developments, ...
The search for new profiles will also be a strong element of this second year. Although many actors have already shown their interest in PRASE, we will continue to aim at giving our customers the best profiles possible.
Looking for new partners will also give greater autonomy to PRASE as well as a stronger expansion of these skills.
The international openness is also a key element and advocated by our company. The upcoming opening of a subsidiary in Bulgaria will be closer to emerging countries in Eastern Europe, finding a qualified workforce with a culture and language and to help our local partners with their approaches and developments. PRASE will soon inform you of the opening via a newsletter.

Happy birthday once again and good luck to PRASE Sarl, do not forget that safety is and must remain, one of our top priorities.

Kind regards.

François-Xavier Le Hecho