Technical studies

PRASE is organized to make your documents safe and environmentally-friendly. The company relies on its internal expertise and experience but also on its professional network. These different human and technical resources allow us to make comprehensive studies tailored to your requirements.

At all stages of any project, PRASE aspires to be your partner of choice in achieving:

Analysis and Risk Assessment

Our assignments are part of a clear regulatory framework such as for example impact and danger assessment, occupational risk assessment, fire, chemical or explosion risk assessment.

Published on-site information documents

PRASE will advise and assist on drawing up "method statements" and other safety-first procedures (SHE Plan ...). We know not only your issues but we also know the expectations and requirements of your audience.

Assistance to Supervisors / Contracting authority

This assistance allows you to meet operational requirements related to your business, as well as requirements for risk management and regulation. Our prevention specialists will guide you and help you make the right choices.